The Firm…

The Law Office of Aaron Rice exists to assist individuals, families and businesses in building, branding and protecting their personal and professional legacies. We achieve this by offering personal and professional services in Copyright, IP, Entertainment, Business Formation and Governance, and Estate Planning.

The Lawyer…

Our attorney Aaron Rice is an award-winning songwriter, producer and music business executive. During his decorated career Aaron garnered numerous Billboard #1 hits as a songwriter and producer, ASCAP and SESAC Radio Awards, GMA awards and a Grammy Nomination for co-writing TobyMac’s hit single “Made to Love”. As his career progressed Aaron found a passion for supporting, mentoring and teaching young artists and songwriters. It was this passion that led him to Mitchell Hamline School of Law. After a very brief stint at a major entertainment law firm Aaron decided that opening The Law Office of Aaron Rice made the most sense for him and his community.

What Distinguishes Us

The Law Office of Aaron Rice is a small, boutique law firm. We have thoughtfully and intentionally chosen and focused our areas of practice. We develop pricing, packages, and fee arrangements with our current and potential clients in mind. The Law Office of Aaron Rice is on the forefront of emerging trends in legal services, while honoring with great respect, the storied history of the legal profession that existed long before emerging technology and modern trends. We believe the history and integrity of the legal profession coupled with personal service should never be ignored. Whether your needs or preferences require an in person or virtual consultation, flat fee packages, legal service subscriptions or a more traditional approach, The Law Office of Aaron Rice is happy to help.

Real World Experience

Aaron can relate to his clients a way that few attorneys can. As a second career Lawyer, Aaron brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and care to your legal matter. He combines the creativity of an award-winning songwriter with the analytical skills required of legal counsel.

  • For the Entertainment Client ...

    Aaron has been in, and still, walks in your shoes. From the days when cd sales and publishing deals could sustain a career, to the emergence of streaming and social media driven efforts, Aaron has consistently written and produced commercially viable music, and is routinely involved with his own publishing agreements, production contracts, royalties, licensing, etc.

  • For the Business Client… ...

    Aaron is like you, a business owner. From his time in music, to now running a solo law practice, Aaron has been heavily involved in all aspects of business throughout his career. It was only natural that Aaron has chosen to include business related matters in his law practice.

  • For the Estate Planning Client…

    Aaron is like most, a person with interests to protect and a family to provide for in the event that he is no longer able to do so.  Aaron understands that just like writing music, every song, artist, and process is unique, and your estate plan should be no different.  Cookie cutter estate plans and web templates may not work for everyone and when it comes to your legacy and your family you deserve care and understanding for every single detail.

A Note from Aaron:

After 20 years in music, the industry that I knew started to shift.  During this shift, I saw friends and colleagues struggle and lose jobs, I watched studios and record labels close their doors. I watched many look for new business ventures, career changes, or suffer from lack of long-term planning.  I didn’t know exactly how, but I knew I wanted to help.  I wanted to take my 20 years as a songwriter and music business executive and become a strong advocate for creatives and their families.   

I remember my journey from dreamer to professional. I remember lying awake at night wondering how would I navigate the murky waters of contracts, copyrights and protecting my professional property. I remember wondering if those offering me contracts or negotiating the contracts really understood the mind and plight of a creative.  Looking back, I also wish I would have made an effort to plan for and protect my personal assets and legacy.  

Armed with these memories, I made the decision to go to law school.  I enrolled at Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, MN.  When I enrolled in law school, I assumed I would focus my work on entertainment and copyright law as a mere extension of my songwriting career, and that would be that.  That presumption changed however, the first time I argued a case in a lawyering class. I realized I wanted to practice and be a full-time lawyer. I’ve always known that I love the role of mentor and advocate, so I began a new journey.  A journey that included a dream of a law practice, dedicated to service and the success of others.  

My background allows me to speak the language of the creative, the artist, the songwriter, the entrepreneur, the small business owner and now the attorney.  I carefully selected practice areas that would be most beneficial to my fellow creative community but would also allow me to serve a wider reaching clientele.  

I am a husband, father, brother and son.  Family members, and people I cherish are continually evaluating and making important decisions about estate plans, business ventures or navigating the ever-changing landscape of IP, Trademark or Entertainment.  My goal is to treat every client with the same care I would treat any friend or family member in similar matters.  

Choosing a lawyer is a personal and important decision, I would be honored to assist you or your business in any of your needs.  


My goal is to treat every client with the same care I would treat any friend or family member in similar matters.


  • Union University B.S.
  • Mitchell-Hamline School of Law, Juris Doctorate

Career Highlights

  • 2008 Grammy Nomination for TobyMac’s Made to Love
  • Four-time GMA (Dove) Award Nominee
  • Two-time GMA Covenant Award Winner (Recorded Song of the Year and Pop Song of the Year)
  • Multiple Billboard Number One Singles
  • Multiple SESAC and ASCAP Radio Airplay Awards

Professional Memberships

  • American Bar Association
  • Tennessee Bar Association
  • Nashville Bar Association

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